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 welcome to live weather from Inverurie (Conglass)
weather station at Inverurie (Conglass) and website maintained by Terry Ashton



weather events
16 Sep: First snow of the season fell on the Cairngorms
2 Nov: first air frost of the season in Inverurie
2 Nov: wettest day of the year so far 35.7mm
19 Nov: first snow of the winter
5 Dec: very stormy day.  Winds gusting to 63 mph in Aberdeen and 113 mph at Cairnwell
23 Dec: Winds gusting to 103mph on Cairngorm. Pressure of 951hPa in Inverurie
27 Dec: Pressure down to 951hPA again in Inverurie
26 Jan: first snow since 6 Dec - but only a tiny 0.5cm!
31 Jan: no snow lying on the ground throughout the whole of January!
22 Feb: warmest day of the year so far at 9.5C
23 Feb: beat yesterday as the warmest day of the year: 11.7C
16 Mar: warmest day of the year so far at 15.0C
31 Mar: 2013-14 was probably the least snowy winter ever. Snowfall Oct-Mar 7cm and only 2 days with snow on the ground!
28 Apr: warmest day of the year so far at 18.4C. Aviemore was the warmest place in the UK so far this year at 22C
7 May: Our first thunderstorm since last July.
1 June:  hottest day of the year so far at 22.4C
18 June: now the hottest day of the year so far at 22.8C. In Perth it was 27C
25 June: Just 2C in Altnaharra this morning!
11 July: Warmest day of the year so far at 24.9C. Inverness was the warmest place in the UK at 26C
24 July: Warmest day of the year so far at 25.9C
25 July: ... and today 26.4C
26 July: ... and today 26.8C
27 July ... and today just 18C!!!
10 August: wettest day for four years with 42.1mm.  104mm at Lossiemouth in 24 hours with floods around Elgin and on Speyside generally. Strong winds. Gust of 108mph on Cairngorm.  All this due to ex-hurricane Bertha.
13 August: ex-hurricane Bertha has now come almost to a standstill over the North Sea and is still making our weather cold, blustery and damp!
24 August: The cold weather continues. A new all-time August temperature record for Northern Ireland was set this morning at minus 1.9C
25 August: minus 2.1C at Braemar this morning
31 August: the end of a cold, wet month: 1.8C below normal
4 October: Scotland's first snow of the season this morning on Cairngorm
7 October: 41.7mm of rain today.  Quite a number of roads flooded.
10 December: first snow of the season, albeit a tiny amount!
31 December: The year 2014 was overall 1.1C above normal. A very warm year but without any spectacular warm spells or high temperature!  every month except August was above normal.

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January 2015 (to 24 Jan)

avge max  5.5C;  avge min -0.1C;
mean temp  3.7C (1.6C above normal)
highest temperature   11.3C   1 Jan
lowest temperature   -5.9C  22 Jan
rainfall    32.3 mm
wettest day  5.7 mm   14 Jan
days with air frost 11; snow falling 5;
snow lying 4; hail 0; thunder 0

December 2014

avge max  5.1C;  avge min -0.2C;
mean temp  2.5C (0.2C above normal)
highest temperature   10.5C   9 Dec
lowest temperature   -6.5C  27 Dec
rainfall    30.7 mm (40% of normal for month)
wettest day 5.4 mm   1 December
days with air frost 15; snow falling 5;
snow lying 3; hail 0; thunder 0

2014 in Inverurie

highest temperature  26.8C  26 July
lowest temperature   -6.5C   27 December
rainfall   943.3 mm
wettest day  42.1 mm  10 August
highest pressure   1036 hPa  29 December
lowest pressure      955 hPa   9 February
days with air frost 42;   snow falling 9;
snow lying 3;   hail 1;   thunder 2
total snow fall  4 cm
deepest snow   1cm 26/27 Dec
lowest humidity 34%   16 May

Sep 2013- May 2014

lowest temperature   -3.6C  9 November
days with air frost 43;   snow falling 7;
snow lying 2; 
deepest snow 3 cm 19 November
total snow fall 7 cm   

Sep 2014- May 2015 (to 24 Jan)

lowest temperature   -6.5C  27 December
days with air frost 28;   snow falling 10;
snow lying 7; 
deepest snow 1cm
total snow fall 4.5cm   


2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 so far
highest temperature 23.5 C 26.7 C 24.9 C 26.8 C 26.8 C 11.3 C
lowest temperature -19.5 C -7.2 C -7.8 C -7.8 C -6.5 C -1.3 C
rainfall 772.8 mm 690.7 mm 872.1 mm 726.8 mm 943.3 mm 22.1 mm
wettest day 44.5 mm 21.3 mm   35.7 mm 42.1 mm 5.7 mm
highest MSL pressure   1041 hPa 1039 hPa 1039 hPa 1036 hPa 1029 hPa
lowest MSL pressure   975 hPa 956 hPa 970 hPa 955 hPa 957 hPa
days with air frost 79 52 66 76 43 11
days with snow falling   15 21 53 9 5
days with snow lying 66 10 10 42 3 4
max snow depth 41 cm 4 cm 5 cm 23 cm 1 cm 1 cm
days with hail   2 5 9 1 0
days with thunder   1 0 2 2 0

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We have family and friends in Slovakia (Banská Bystrica and Bratislava) and Canada (Okotoks, Alberta).  Hence the references on this website.
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